Ryan Faulkingham


Ryan is CFO, Executive Vice President and a member of the firm’s Investment Committee.

As CFO and Co-Compliance Officer, Ryan is responsible for the firm’s financial controls, accounting and reporting, as well as risk assessment on a public company level.  In addition, he manages the firms’ relationships with its capital markets partners. As a member of the Investment Committee, Ryan is responsible for evaluating all the firm’s investment opportunities.

Prior to joining CODI in 2008, Ryan was with Merrill Lynch, WebMD Corporation and Arthur Anderson.

Ryan is a graduate of Lehigh University and Fordham University.

ESG Committee:

As a member of the ESG committee, Ryan is responsible for driving the Company’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and sustainability as relevant to the Company.

Cybersecurity Committee Member:

As a member of the Cybersecurity Committee, Ryan is responsible for driving our commitment to uphold the security and integrity of our systems, networks, databases, and applications, working to protect our stakeholders’ data and our company’s resilience.”

Portfolio Companies: