Investing in our People and Practices to Create Long-Term Sustainable Growth

CODI endeavors to be a leader in responsible investment and management practices, which we believe will enable our middle-market business partners to leave a sustainable legacy for future generations.

We are pleased to release our 2023 Sustainability Report, which provides insight into how we manage sustainability and ESG both at Compass Diversified and at our subsidiaries.  We are committed to responsible investment in, and management of, our innovative and disruptive subsidiaries, empowering them to do business in a way that creates a lasting, positive impact for future generations. Our inaugural sustainability report outlines our ESG Framework, the actions we have taken and the resulting social and environmental benefits. This report underscores our belief that ESG is an ongoing commitment that aligns with our core values and creates strong financial returns for our stakeholders.

View our 2023 Sustainability Report

Our ESG Framework

Our ESG framework is built on two key pillars supported by environmental and social focus areas and underpinned by sound governance. Developed through consultation with our investors, employees, and stakeholders, our framework uses a double materiality assessment and focuses on what is most important to our business, as well as where we can have the most impact.

Pillar One

Future Thinking for our People and Planet

We are always looking to the future, working to identify areas of new opportunity and sources of potential value—then seeking to execute on those opportunities by developing solutions that not only create long-term value for our stakeholders, but also take into account the planet that enables our way of life.

Pillar Two

A Trusted Partner With All Key Stakeholders

At CODI, we value integrity, collaboration, and accountability. We put these values in action by building meaningful and transparent partnerships with people who share these values, are aligned with our goals, and can help amplify our efforts.

Elias Sabo
Elias J. Sabo
Partner & Chief Executive Officer
Elias J. Sabo
Partner & Chief Executive Officer

“CODI’s long-term ownership model, operational capabilities, and focus on building better businesses enable us to be a responsible custodian of the companies we acquire, and we take that responsibility incredibly seriously. We recognize what is at stake and believe that actively considering ESG factors in our investment process and as we support and help position our subsidiaries for long-term success, is beneficial for all our stakeholders. ESG is and will continue to be a focus for us and we regularly evaluate ways to advance our processes, drive performance across our subsidiary businesses, and deliver sustainable value.”

Elias J. Sabo
Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Our Companies

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Committed to reducing the use of virgin plastic by at least 50% within 10 years.

By 2027, BOA will incorporate recycled or renewable materials into 100% of products. BOA also conducts regular surveys to ensure it is offering a world-class employee experience and a vibrant, inclusive, and diverse culture.

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Introduced a first-of-its-kind baby carrier buyback and resale program, Everlove by Ergobaby.

Compared to the impacts of the materials required to make a new carrier vs. purchasing a used carrier, Ergobaby estimates that Everlove carriers save up to 96% of energy use, 95% of water use, and 84% of CO2 emissions.

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Going greener with a commitment to reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Sterno Products was the first manufacturer to introduce an environmentally-preferred ethanol fuel blend and the first to receive UL Validation for Indoor Air Quality – Residential and Commercial.

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Opened a new, state-of-the-art, LEED-certified facility in Manteca, California

The company has also invested in a sophisticated water reclamation system for screen-printing, uses LED bulbs in its U.S. distribution center, and has adopted the American Apparel and Footwear Association’s Restricted Substance List.

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Enhanced its commitment to providing eco-friendly, sustainable solutions.

Altor Solutions recently became the first industry player to introduce BioEPS, a high performance protective and thermal packaging solution that is 100% sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable and reusable.

Community Partnerships

CODI has a history of engaging with the communities where our employees live and we remain committed to being a trusted partner in the communities where we operate.

ESG Thought Leadership

Jul 10, 2023

The Next Generation of ESG Leader

Businesses can’t succeed in societies that fail; pressure for sustainability from society is outpacing corporate sustainability – this should be a driver of innovation and profitability, and businesses that have the right person leading the charge are starting to reap the benefits. H. Jackson Brown once said, “You either make dust or eat dust”, and I couldn’t agree more.

Our Stories

Learn more about CODI and its subsidiaries’ sustainability programs and initiatives.

Core Values

Hear Compass Diversified employees speak to the 5 Compass core values (integrity, humility, passion, accountability, collaboration)

Women in Investing

At CODI, our people are our greatest asset. Associate, Phoebe Madsen, and Senior Associate, Rachel Szymanski discuss the paths that led them to CODI and the exciting investment work they’re responsible for.

CODI News and Updates

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CODI’s Head of ESG, Zoe Koskinas, recently shared her thoughts on the shifting landscape for #ESG leaders, and the need for a cohesive environmental, social and governance strategy focused on investors, business partners, employees and the community.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
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CODI applauds BOA®, a 2023 Denver Business Journal Diversity Equity & Inclusion Award winner, for its work embracing equality across all areas of diversity.

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Our West Coast team and their families recently came together for a heartwarming volunteer day at the Orange County Rescue Mission’s ranch in Silverado Canyon.

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CODI Congratulates the Ergobaby team for winning the SEAL Environmental Initiative Award and the SEAL Sustainable Product Award for its Everlove program.

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CODI is thrilled to be recognized by Catalyst 2030, an organization that partners with corporations to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations.

Additional Resources

Citizenship Statement
Corporate Governance

Sustainability Contact

Zoe Koskinas

Vice President & Head of ESG


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